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Beep! Beep! 2020 Trunk Show Coming Your Way!

Well ya'll... we are more than half way through 2020 and we've all had to learn how to accomplish business in new and different ways. Who knew the word 'zoom' would become noun, verb, adjective, gathering place, meeting room and more - an everyday part of our language. Also, being in the design industry, keeping things new also means 'interesting and fast.' Once we started to settle in to some 'normalcy,' we decided to begin thinking outside the box. Enter the traveling 'Trunk Show' - yes, literally, a trunk.

Basically, we grabbed a few of our fave industry friends, loaded up our trunks and headed out. We are still doing the same things we would do with designers inside their offices - just outside in a parking lot, garage, park or anywhere else we can find. Hey, in these crazy, wacko times... you gotta do whatcha gotta do. If we weren't able to get into see our designers due to distancing protocols and gathering restrictions, we could at least bring the design to them.

It's been great so far and the responses have been more than positive from everyone! And, trying to keep them interesting, we are already thinking of how to re-calibrate and keep them fresh. Who knows, maybe our traveling band of product experts will be doing a 'drive by' near you soon! (You can always message us to set up a day and time, we're flexible!)

Check out some additional random pics from the innaugural Shows. A little 'thrown together' but appreciated by all the designers that came out of their offices to see new product and get some much needed fresh air. Socially distanced, of course!


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