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Roger Mathis (r) and Ron McDaniel (l) formed Paravars 7+ years ago after many successful years working in the Design Industry.  It was a natural progression as they sought to fulfill a need for 'design solutionists' in the Industry - specializing in Hospitality - as well as Corporate, Healthcare, Institutional and Aviation.  With Paravars, Roger and Ron put a unique twist on the typical 'representative agency' with both partners knowing each others strengths and how best to highlight them.  In a sense, they use their individual talents to create an unbeatable 'whole' team for their designers, purchasers and vendor partners. Together, they represent the "R's" in Paravars - have 3 'Point of Excellence' awards and also past NEWH Awards between them.  Both are very active in the Industry and are NEWH Dallas Board Members - with Ron being the Director of Conferences on the International NEWH Board as well and Roger slated to be the Dallas NEWH Chapter President in 2021.   In 2022, Ron was awarded the prestigious Joyce  Johnson Award for outstanding contributions, mentorship and dedication to NEWH.

Dr Nathan Mathis-McDaniel  CEO, Creative Director, Chief of Security, Napping Master, Boss of All....

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