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Introducing 'My Art' on Paravars website

Hey everyone! For those of you who know me at all and for those who don't yet, I've been painting for a while. It all started with Ron wanting a large piece of art for our first house. I wasn't sure what direction I would take, it had been years since I had attempted to do any artwork at all. After some trial and error...ok, lots of error...I found that I really liked using a palette knife instead of a typical brush. I'm still experimenting and trying to find new mediums and methods.

Not to bore you with the play by play timeline - it turned into something I enjoyed and decided to dabble in when I had the time. After seeing 'Ron's' painting in our living room, a friend asked if I would paint something for her house. I was both flattered and terrified. She gave me no parameters and no direction so I could just paint what I wanted - an even scarier thought. After stopping and starting several times, a lot of cursing and a few martinis out of frustration over the next few weeks... it finally took shape and she loved it. She still has it hanging in her new house to this day.

Fast forward years later, my art is hanging in two well known retail/restaurant spaces in Dallas... you can also find my pieces in commercial and residential settings, as well as hotel guest rooms. Who knows what direction it will take in the's been fun and rewarding this far... So, take a look and continue to watch this space for posts of current and past pieces.

* My Art will feature some current 'available' pieces as well as some past 'SOLD' items and be updated regularly.

** photos are very 'amateurish' iPhone shots, sorry. One day I will explore getting a more professional camera! haha. Just click on 'more' from the home page and then on 'My Art'

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